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Life between lives   Learn to use your psychic ability  


Numerous people have described near-to-death experience as glorious light and happiness. This is the state of life between lives, world of love and peace which represents spiritueal development and the planing of next life to balance off karmic unbalance from former lives. Life-between-lives-state has none whatsovever likeness with a revendging devil or hellfire postulated in Middle Age Chrstianity. This is a state of understanding and confirming love as purpose of life and future incarnations, leading us to higher understanding.

We ARE ALL sparks of DIVINE

Everybody is clairvoyant. Through simple spiritueal techniques known since ancient times and practiced for example among the ancient Egyptians, you can learn to use your occult powers; to look into future and past, into former lives and lives between lives. Experiencing the cycles of reincarnation gives understanding of higher meanings of life and cosmic and karmic laws.

Astral vision in regression therapy gives insight to events from former lives casting shadows into present life and indirectly causing anxiety, sorrow and problems we experience today. Astral vision also sees the future and is useful for receiving guidance and healing from your spiritual guides and helpers.

By astral vision techniques, numerology analysis, Taro-readings and study of planetarian influence I forecast your past, present and future possibilities and crises, positive and negative

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