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Ankh Kirken   Ankh Church  

Believers of a personal God, who has created us  out from his own mind

We believe that God has presented itself in all the greater religions of the world. We also believe in reincarnation and a spiritual world.

We believe the reincarnation term is the most important factor for the human education and through rebirth the human beings have possibilities of improving our own karma. ( These about cause and effect)

Karma is that debt or credit we cumulate through our sins toward other people. To avoid the reincarnated cycles, and if the debt is bad from earlier lives, we have to suffer for that and pay the price in order to go forward.

We believe in the open baring will appear through meditation. Our body or sin is installed on a refined frequent and measured in hertz. They are parts of the human brain. The Physical part has a wave level of 8-12 Hertz and the psychological part has a wave level between 0-8 hertz. This can be explained simple by –the terms: delta-alfa -theta and betha- which we all have some relation to. In this trance the human being can be able to experience God which can be your best guide through your life.

We believe in a universal, cosmic and altruistic love. We believe that we all are responsible for our destiny in large part of our life. We have the possibilities to influence our phase depending on our actions. Our soul is then our eternal life ,

bad and good. Its like a hard dish , and what has been safe there will have a dominated effect for how we live our present and future lives . We believe our soul is our body's

Mind, and receiver for the altruistic power in this life, and then is up to us to use it as good as we can were we have our commitments.

We believe that through education and learning courses the people linked to Ankh church will receive a spiritual awakening and get connections toward arch angles, prophetess, and the universal God.

Christianity concludes that the human kind needs a God and a Saver, which is outside ourselves. We believe we are a part of God,but we live in the shadow of earlier lives. What good we do in this life and have done in earlier life, will benefit us in our future lives.

The These can be divided into some main parts:

The These about reincarnation, which is the fundament in understanding why we human being have to look to our future.

How the altruistic power is functioning. Which spiritual support can we find in the universal love…

Selfish thoughts must be replaced with thoughts benefiting all human beings. Also send good thoughts through mediation.


Opening of the third eye, the inner spiritual eye. Help people to find their gift like healing, clairvoyance, etc

The These about khabbala will give us direction on how to proceed out from which chacra we already have. The colours of our aura, were we are spiritual, etc

Achievement plans:

Our plans is to give focus on Western mystics which will describe factors like life, death, between life and death, our gifts, our potentials, etc which we have received and how to use it. By direct the focus on our inner part and toward the eternal , we will improve to open up and learn how to get in connection with altruistic God.

  Daniel North, Oslo 
Telefon: + 47 93 21 85 17